JAMES H. DYKSTRA has over three decades of experience in senior positions on Capitol Hill, in the Executive Branch, and in the private sector. He has served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Legislative Affairs, Republican Staff Director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Chief of Staff and Legislative Director to Rep. Steve Horn (R-CA), Legislative Assistant to Sen. Bill Cohen (R-ME), and Press Secretary and Legislative Assistant to Rep. Bill Steiger (R-WI). In those positions, Mr. Dykstra worked with senior Executive Branch officials and senior Members of the House and Senate, including the leadership, and the authorizing and appropriations committees of both chambers. After leaving government service, he joined a government relations firm specializing in appropriations issues. He also served as Director of the Civil-Military Leadership Program for the Stennis Center for Public Service. Mr. Dykstra is a board member and past president of the organization of former House Chiefs of Staff.

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